Camp Wiggles LLC is an Illinois Limited Liability Company

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Camp Wiggles' Current Business Procedures

As Camp Wiggles remains open to provide much-needed care during this unpredictable time, below are some updates that will allow us to continue providing a safe space for your furry loved ones.



Daycare will be open our normal weekday hours of 7am to 7pm Monday through Friday. We will be closed weekends.




We will be closing our lobby to the public and implementing "sidewalk service". Please stay outside when you arrive and reception will get your pup. Communications regarding vaccinations, packages, and the like will be done via phone or email. Our pick-up and drop-off hours will continue to be 7am to 10am and 4pm to 7pm. If you are a first responder who needs to come outside of these hours please let us know.



There is no need to contact us to pause or extend your package at this time. We are extending all packages to June 1st and will continue to extend in bulk as necessary.



Boarding is reserved for those working the front lines and those with an essential need. We understand there will be long shifts and are prepared to board your pup last minute if you cannot pick them up from daycare.



Stay home! This goes for your dog too. If you are ill, experiencing symptoms, or under quarantine, your dog must stay home with you. We cannot accept dogs into daycare who have been potentially exposed. *If you are so ill you cannot care for your pup and need to board them, please contact us. We stand ready to help.



We spared no expense when designing the cleaning systems of our new facility. Camp is uniquely outfitted with a hospital-grade air unit and built-in cleaning system equipped with antiviral solution. We will continue with our overall facility disinfecting measures as well as additional measures implemented throughout the day.


We truly appreciate everyone's support. With our combined efforts we will get through this.

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