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Overnight at Camp Wiggles!



We provide fun and comfortable boarding for your pup while you're away! After a full day of playing with their friends, campers snooze in top-of-the-line glass front suites - no cages or bars here. Suites include comfy raised orthopedic cots. We have late night potty breaks and soothing background music at bedtime.


Boarding check-in is during regular morning drop off hours, 7am - 10am. This is so your pup can get in a full day of play and be tired for their nighttime stay.


Check-out is also from 7am - 10am. You are welcome to add a late pickup for boarding reservation and pick them up from 4pm - 7pm after daycare.


Check-in and check-out is from 9am - 11am on weekends and holidays. You can add a late pickup for boarding reservation to pick them up after daycare, anytime before 4pm on weekends and holidays. Please note boarding drop-off and pick-up is closed the day of the Pride Parade and the weekend of Market Days.


Boarding Policies

We want to ensure your pup is comfortable at Camp. We require at least 1 day of play in the month prior to boarding. For new boarders, an additional day may be required to ensure your pup is comfortable in our space.

Repetitive barking stresses out the group and makes other pups grumpy. For the well-being of the group we cannot board anxious barkers.

Elderly pups and those with medical needs may have a more difficult time boarding as they are more susceptible to stress and illness. Please email us with any medical concerns you may have prior to scheduling boarding.

Decreased appetite or some weight loss is normal during boarding. We may add pumpkin puree or other common additives to entice your pup to eat if necessary.

Checklist Items

List a Chicago-based emergency contact on your profile (other than yourself) that will be available for contact during your pup's stay.

Double-check the dates + times for your pup's stay. If your pup is getting a bath before checkout, we need to time it appropriately. 

Don't forget to pack enough food for their stay! Label an airtight container with your pup's name and feeding instructions.

Quick Tip: Pack a little extra just in case!

Feel free to bring a blanket or old shirt for their stay - pups are comforted by your smell. 

Remember that they will most likely be chewing and playing with it, so make sure it's something you won't miss.

Be sure any medication information is updated and included on their profile. Label an airtight container with your pup's name and medication instructions.

Make sure all of your pup's required vaccinations are up-to-date throughout their entire stay (Bordetella, Distemper, Rabies, Chicago Dog Emblem and current annual clean fecal).

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