Camp Wiggles


a personal note

Created and run by people who love dogs, Camp Wiggles' vision is to maintain a place that both dogs and their owners love. A room with cages or even "suites" where dogs are confused and out of place is not in our vision of a happy place, so we choose not to do it. Sleep at Home Camp is a solution to care for dogs while their owners are away that provides fun and active days and the true comforts of home. It's a dog staycation!

sleep at home camp!

how it works

We pick your dog up in the morning and feed him or her breakfast. Then the day is spent playing with friends at Day Camp. When the day is done and the pups are all tuckered out, we drive them back to their homes where they are fed dinner. We come back later for one last potty break then tuck them in their own bed for the night. The next morning, the fun begins again!

why we do it this way

For a dog to be comfortable, there is nothing more important than routine. Traditional boarding takes the dog out of his or her environment overnight, leaving them to wonder what happened to their home. By participating in Day Camp, they get to spend their days being mentally stimulated and physically exercised. When it's time to go to bed, nothing can replace the dog's home. Be it a special place on the couch, hogging the human bed, or a familiar crate, dog's do best when they can maintain the basics of their routine. When the rest of the family goes away, getting to sleep at home reinforces a sense of security. This is why we developed Sleep at Home Camp.