Camp Wiggles


We want to make sure all of our campers are happy and safe. We use the free first day as an evaluation time for your pup. 

​We ask that new campers arrive right at our 7am opening on their first day. This gives them time to settle into the space and meet the other pups as they arrive one by one. 

New campers!

The time it takes between filling out an application and having your pup come for the free first day can be as little as one day. 

We are delighted to have new campers signing up all the time. For the happiness and safety of the pups, we do not introduce too many new campers to the group at once. The turn-around may take a little longer depending on attendance, but we'll always let you know right away!


Complete an application through our online customer portal. You can also request services, schedule transportation, update vaccinations and more!

Temperament Test



Our Campers' heath is a top priority, and that is why we require records from your veterinarian documenting that they are current on the following:





Annual negative fecal

​Residents of Chicago are also required to provide proof of a current Chicago Dog License. One can be purchased here.

Your pup must also have not been around common communicable diseases in the past 30 days (for example, in a rescue shelter).

We also suggest, but do not require, vaccines for:

Bordetella be done every 6 months




Any dog showing signs of illness or injury will not be accepted and should remain at home.


​All dogs over the age of 6 months must be spayed or neutered.


To participate in transportation, please provide two copies of keys.


​Call us regarding medication or feeding specifications, we will do our best to accommodate your Camper.


Day Camp is carefully supervised to monitor that our campers are happy and safe. We cannot accept aggressive dogs, and may have to reject constant barkers or other behavior that is disruptive to others. Lastly, simply not all dogs like daycare, and we want what is best for them. Our first day is always free - contact us to set it up!